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How to play games on Android even if you don’t have any?!

Android hidden games

There are times when we need some fun and want to kill time, that’s why video games are with us, right? But what about times when we are left alone not even with one game?

What about times when you’re dying of boring, stuck at somewhere with no internet connection and you got no even single game? If you think you haven’t any game on your Android, well, you’re wrong!

Every Android smartphone or tablet comes with at least one game you can play anytime, in most cases you actually have two games on your phone without even realizing it.

So here are some good ways you can play hidden games on Android!

Play Android OS game

Every version of Android comes with it’s own game hidden in shadows, but you can easily find and play it.

1)Go to Phone Settings
2)Scroll down and tap to About Phone
3)Find Android version and keep tapping it until Android hidden game starts
4)Play it and enjoy!


Android hidden games
Android games by OS version

While built-in Android games aren’t super complex and gameplay-rich it’s still great way to kill some time!

Play Chrome game

Looking at Chrome browser’s dominance on Android market, you’re most likely have Chrome browser on your Android device.

Do you remember Google Chrome’s dinosaur game from PC? Good news, it’s available on Android’s Chrome too!

1)Turn off WiFi & mobile data
2)Open Google Chrome and try to go to any website
3)You'll see No Internet notice and a handsome Dinosaur
4)Tap the Dinosaur and game will start
Android chrome game
Chrome game on Android

*Unlike in PC version, mobile version doesn’t support lowering, however game is optimized for it so you never need it anyway.

Scan your phone for old apks

Now this method will only work if you ever downloaded game out of Play Store using apk.

After installation you no longer need apk file and you should delete it to save space, however if you download apk games often you’ll probably have some apks left undeleted.

Use any file manager and check out Download or any browser-generated folders like UCDownloads for UC Browser.

If you have any handy file manager like Es File Explorer you can even speed up things and scan for all apks.

Es File Explorer all apks
Es File Explorer’s Apps section

In Es File Explorer Open apps section(available in left window) and from dropdown choose all apks.

Using these methods you may find some games’ apks that you can install and play.

That’s all, I hope you’ll remember ways above when you’ll feel bored and have no availability to download games. If you know any more good game to have fun share in comments!

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