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How to backup contacts on Android and restore like a pro!

Android contacts backup

Backup contacts on Android is as easy as snap of fingers and will take less than 2 seconds even if you have hundreds of contacts on your mobile!

Days when you had to write contacts on paper or copy & paste each number manually fortunately has gone long ago! In today’s world of smartphones all you need is several clicks and it’s done! You don’t have to worry about backup file compatibility issues or anything else.

Everything is simple, on your Android backup contacts and then restore them to another or same Android device!

There are several easy and fast methods to backup contacts on Android and I have listed them all, which one you’ll use? The choice is yours!

Cloud-based Android contacts backup & restore

This one is probably fastest and most efficient way as you don’t even need to backup contacts, that’s already done for you.

If you are signed into your Google account* and there’s big chances you are, your contacts are already backed up and synchronized to Google servers.

*If you use Play Store or Gmail app you

You can check that by visiting and singing in with same Google account used on your Android smartphone.

Google contacts backup
Google contacts web interface

If all your contacts are here then you can safely restore to any Android device anytime just by adding same Google account to it and synching data.

Backup by built-in export & import feature

Another fast and easy method to backup Android contacts is simply by using phone’s Contacts app’s import & export feature.

Go to Contacts(or People) app and looks out for Import and Export feature, it may have it’s own section or may be under Settings or Tools section.

Contacts export on Android
Contacts Import/Export

Definitely, any Android Contacts app must have Backup/Export and Restore/Import feature.

One thing to note here: if you want to restore your backup to another device it’s always good idea to try it before erasing Contacts to current device.

Usually exported file is simple .vcf file that’s supported on every device but still trying out first is good idea – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Use third-party app

If you can’t find Export & Import feature on your stock Contacts app or don’t like it for some reason there is another easy, fast and flexible way to do it.

You can use any Contacts Backup and Restore app like Easy Backup that is created specially only for this purpose and is simple to use.

You can sing up with your Google, Facebook or Email accounts and save backups to their cloud storage or skip registration & login and save backups on phone storage.

Easy Backup Android app
Easy Backup app

You can then transfer your local backup to new smartphone or SD Card or use their cloud storage to save you backup and restore anytime on any device.

Backup contacts to SIM Card

This is less preferred method for contacts backup and restoration because of it’s limitations, still it works great and is quite simple.

Good old SIM Card method, the downside of it is amount of contacts you can save on it, usually SIMs can only keep up to 20-30 contacts and if you have a lot that’s issue. Still for most people 30 is large enough.

Another downside – it only stores number and name information, you’ll loose any more data you may have attached to contact including icon picture.

If you’re happy with both of above then you’re good to go.

Just like in method two, go to your Contacts app and look for Import/Export feature, click on Export and instead of Phone Storage choose SIM card.

Contacts backup to SIM
Backup to SIM

That’s it, now when you’ll move your SIM card your contacts will follow to it in infinity and beyond!

That was all easy and good methods you can use to quickly transfer your Contacts to new smartphone or restore to same phone after reset.

By the way, all this methods will work fine with Android tablets too if SIM functionality is supported.

If you know any good method to backup contacts fast and easy, share in comments!

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